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SMART Vocabulary: associated words and phrases Issues collected in strains or rings column crocodile file line queue ring rope row solitary file string thread tier train two-tier You can also obtain linked terms, phrases, and synonyms within the topics:

cigar smoke fusty and musty recommend insufficient contemporary air and daylight, fusty also implying prolonged uncleanliness, musty stressing the results of dampness, mildew, or age. a fusty

Convey to us about this instance sentence: The phrase in the example sentence does not match the entry term. The sentence has offensive articles. Cancel Post Many thanks! Your opinions will likely be reviewed. #verifyErrors message

, "Reopening Oscar Grant situation is a chance to tackle systemic racism. I’m skeptical that could materialize," eight Oct. 2020 Even though the degree of long term function from home will fluctuate, the overall pattern is underpinned by shifting attitudes amid equally lender Management and rank

A real familiarity with the globe is obtained only by dialogue, as well as manners of every rank should be viewed so that you can be known.

(tr) to array (a set of objects) for a sequence, esp with regards to the natural arithmetic purchasing of some evaluate on the elementsto rank college students by their check scores

4 usually ranks plural one of the models into Daftar Hebohpkv which a complete is divided on The premise of a standard attribute

superior/reduced/Center rank The committee commonly consists of men and women of the next rank than the person getting interviewed.

Impression credits Try out a quiz now A lot more meanings of rank All rank and file taxi rank rank outsider rank-and-file adjective, at rank and file rank-dimension rule taxi rank, at cabstand rank-dimension law, at rank-size rule See all meanings Phrasal Verbs rank as

infographic an image or diagram or a bunch of pictures or diagrams exhibiting or explaining info

The rank of A will be the smallest integer k these that A could be factored to be a = C R displaystyle A=CR

a position, esp an official one particular, inside a social Business, esp the armed forcesthe rank of captain

1 n (Mil: = grade) → Rang m; officer of superior rank → hoher Offizier; to reach the rank of typical → den Rang eines Generals erlangen ? pull

The rank of an m × n matrix is actually a nonnegative integer and cannot be increased than both m or n. That is definitely,

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