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a ritual or type prescribed for public worship or for a few certain event: the marriage service.

lawn tennis, tennis - a sport played with rackets by two or 4 gamers who hit a ball backwards and forwards about a Web that divides the court docket

disservice, unwell service, ill flip - an act intended to aid that seems poorly; "he did them a disservice"

n → Dienst m; his devoted service → seine treuen Dienste; services to 1’s country/the Queen (of soldier etc) → Dienst an seinem Vaterland/fileür die Königin; her services to industry/the state (politician, industrialist) → ihre Verdienste in der Industrie/um das Land; he died during the service of his region → er starb in Pflichterfüllung für sein Vaterland; he has ten years’ service powering him → er hat zehn Jahre Dienstzeit hinter sich (dat); to accomplish someone a service → jdm einen Dienst erweisen; to perform or see excellent service → gute Dienste leisten; this box did service as being a table → diese Kiste hat schon als Tisch gedient; to generally be of service → nützlich sein; to become of service to someone → jdm nützen; it’s of minor service within an crisis → im Notfall nützt es wenig; for being at someone’s service → jdm zur Verfügung stehen; (individual also) → jdm zu Diensten stehen; can I be of service to you personally?

In the provision they designed for me, it absolutely was my good hap being set to nurse, as they phone it, to a lady who was in truth bad but were in better conditions, and who obtained slightly livelihood by having including I had been imagined to be, and trying to keep them with all necessaries, until they had been at a particular age, where it might be intended they may check out service or get their own personal bread.

b : the maintenance or fix of tangible home equipment for that service and advancement from the residence

service - the act of delivering a writ or summons upon someone; "he recognized service of the subpoena"

utility - the service (electric electric power or h2o or transportation) provided by a general public utility; "the price of utilities by no means decreases"; "the many utilities had been shed following the hurricane"

From Small business: K & R Bobcat service is your local choice for mowing, landscape & garden care. We do Bush-hogging- mowing lots and huge fields and plots of land to cut down the…

I hurt my shoulder and my grass was receiving uncontrolled. I bumped into them when having lunch in a fuel station and requested if they may suit me…

organization - an institution produced to conduct enterprise; "he only invests in big effectively-set up businesses"; "he started out the corporate in his garage"

We don't know his title; we only know of him what's substance for us to find out - that he was never ever backward on occasions of Determined service. We've this around the authority of the distinguished seaman of Nelson's time.

none - a service while in the Roman on page seo Catholic Church previously examine or chanted at three PM (the ninth hour counting from sunrise) but now to some degree previously

sixteen. (Anglicanism) a unified selection of musical configurations of the canticles along with other liturgical goods prescribed via the Reserve of Popular Prayer as used in the Church of England

Like several service for seek the services of, it is incredibly critical for the traffickers to deliver a respected service, prison as it can be.

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