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industrial process - a scientific series of mechanical or chemical functions that generate or manufacture one thing

S. Office of Point out or U.S. governing administration endorsement of your entity, its views, the items or companies it provides, or even the accuracy of information contained therein. The order where names show up has no importance, as well as listings or one-way links can be removed at any time within the discretion of your Section.

The kind of visa you have to obtain is outlined by U.S. immigration law, and pertains to the objective of your travel.

2a : to issue into a Unique process or cure (as in the middle of manufacture or film growth)

of secondary oil recovery In case the polymer concentration of liquid injected to the reservoir may differ with time. From Cambridge English Corpus   Contemplating the superior grade of preservation, the mineral development process

The running method keeps its processes independent and allocates the means they want, so that they're more unlikely to interfere with one another and trigger technique failures (e.

process - contend with in a very regime way; "I will handle that a person"; "process a bank loan"; "process the applicants"

An axial strand of cells in vertebrate embryos extending ahead with the primitive knot. It varieties a indian visa primitive axis about which the embryo differentiates.

A beak-shaped process extending upward and laterally from the neck of your scapula. The coracoid process will not be Section of any bone-to-bone articulation Even though the coracoclavicular ligament retains the clavicle versus the acromium of your scapula.

process These are typically terms often utilised in combination with process. Click on a collocation to find out extra examples of it.

^ Some contemporary CPUs combine two or more impartial processors inside a multi-Main configuration and may execute a number of processes at the same time. One more system termed simultaneous multithreading (Employed in Intel's Hyper-threading technological innovation) can simulate simultaneous execution of many processes or threads.

Our organization was Established on partnerships and we stand Prepared with about 200 issuing banking institutions and technological know-how companies.

Multiprogramming ensures that several programs run concurrently. Initially, more than one plan ran on just one processor, because of underlying uniprocessor Personal computer architecture, and so they shared scarce and constrained hardware sources; As a result, the concurrency was of a serial mother nature. On afterwards devices with many processors, many packages may possibly run concurrently in parallel.

Any subset in the sources, typically at least the processor point out, could possibly be connected with Every of your process' threads in running techniques that support threads or boy or girl processes.

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