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My approach was to have them, whilst executing this service, taught the newest and finest ways of labour, to make sure that the school would not only get the benefit of their attempts, but the students by themselves would be taught to see not just utility in labour, but attractiveness and dignity; can be taught, in truth, ways to lift labour up from mere drudgery and toil, and would learn to really like get the job done for its have sake.

facility - a service that an organization or a chunk of equipment presents you; "a cellular telephone with World-wide-web facility"

أحَد فُروع الجيْش: البَحر، البَر، الجَوأسْطول تِجاريالخِدْمَه، العَمَلخِدْمَةخِدْمَة ، مَصْلَحَه

n → Dienst m; his trustworthy service → seine treuen Dienste; services to at least one’s place/the Queen (of soldier and many others) → Dienst an seinem Vaterland/für die Königin; her services to business/the nation (politician, industrialist) → ihre Verdienste in der Industrie/um das Land; he died while in the service of his state → er starb in Pflichterfüllung fileür sein Vaterland; he has 10 decades’ service driving him → er hat zehn Jahre Dienstzeit hinter sich (dat); to try and do anyone a service → jdm einen Dienst erweisen; to carry out or see fantastic service → gute Dienste leisten; this box did service for a table → diese Kiste hat schon als Tisch gedient; for being of service → nützlich sein; to be of service to anyone → jdm nützen; it’s of very little service in an emergency → im Notfall nützt es wenig; to be at any person’s service → jdm zur Verfügung stehen; (individual also) → jdm zu Diensten stehen; can I be of service for you?

Grimaud had, in fact, all through 20-two a long time of service, viewed his master extricate himself from lots of problems that very little fewer than Athos's imminent Demise was likely to make him uneasy.

stand - be readily available for stud services; "male domestic animals which include stallions provide chosen girls"

naval forces, navy - a corporation of armed service vessels belonging to a rustic and readily available for sea warfare

It needs no talent inside the science of war to discern that uniformity in the Group and self-discipline of the militia can be attended with the most useful effects, When they had been named into service for the public defense.

a : to meet desire and sinking fund payments on (financial debt) did not have the money movement to service a considerable mortgage

I hurt my shoulder and my grass was obtaining out of control. I ran into them whilst eating lunch in a gas station and asked if they could in good shape me…

business - an establishment developed to carry out organization; "he only invests in massive properly-proven businesses"; "he started the business in his garage"

We don't know his name; we only know of him what is product for us to grasp - that he was under no circumstances backward on situations of desperate service. We've got this to the authority of the distinguished seaman of Nelson's time.

Military, floor forces, typical Military - a lasting Firm of the armed forces land forces of the country or state

a thing built or accomplished by a business Group for the general public benefit and without having regard to immediate gain: Sure guides are posted in a decline to be a public service.

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